About Sumer Interiors

Thoughts that are free, once when get an objective start craving for shape that needs the right space and environment to grow into ideas.

We harness the quality of breathing life into these spaces and provide a conducive environment to these ideas whether it is an office space,a retails exhibit or a cozy home.

We do justice to the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment…to the best.

Our Design Process

Summarizing, our working process can be shown in the following 4C’s

Consume – Put in all the attention to detail concentration in consuming all that the client has to say about the need and output expected. This is used in analysis of the Client requirements Including time schedules and budget to create a design brief. Work well begun is half done.

Conceive – The consumed info is conceived in brief format that is further churned into the blueprint for our team to chart the planning and procurement process. This process helps in ascertaining the men, machine and material that will be apt for the completion of project in the stated budget and time. God is in the Details.

Converse – This is a two way process where both short and long term discussions take place between the executives, design team and the client. Here a foundation of understanding is built to see that the take off is from a firmer platform with all on the same page. No confusions.

Create – The final stage of giving shape to the given brief is the stage of Creation. The test presentation of the litmus test process is done with the first cut review and then the grand finale after all possible changes and modifications to the final nod. All Approved.